RAIC·OIS is a radiotherapy management platform developed based on the standard workflow of radiotherapy empowered by artificial intelligence technology. With three functions of patients’ electronic medical record management, treatment process tracking, and AI contouring, the RAIC OIS fully supports DICOM service protocol and can interconnects with radiotherapy equipment of major brands. By targeting the unmet need in radiotherapy planning, the RAIC OIS tremendously improves the efficiency of radiation oncologists.

  • Platform-Oriented

    The entire workflow of patient care is integrated on one platform.
    (pre-treatment, treatment,

  • Center-Oriented

    Patient-centered. Patient’s records are accessible anytime from anywhere.

  • Mobility-Oriented

    Accurate B/S architecture, support boundless parallel working within intra-network; support mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to handle patients' daily rounds and information management.

  • Process-Oriented

    The daily workflow of radiotherapy is standardized, and the process records are traceable. Combined with PDCA intervention, the system will continuously improve radiotherapy planning.

  • Module-Oriented

    Flexible deployment of function modules, convenient function extensions. (standard API)

  • Intelligence-Oriented

    Utilizing big data and machine learning to automate organ delineation, improving efficiency and accuracy of radiotherapy staff and reducing error.


Follow-Up Management

B/S architecture: doctors can work without the limitation of time and place and check patients’ conditions using mobile devices.

Process Management

Each stage of patient care is traceable, patients won’t wait blindly, and doctors’work is clearly visible.

Queuing Management

Ordered scheduling to optimize patients’ experience.

Quality Control Management

Support all types of radiotherapy equipment quality control records,Support various types of quality inspection(weekly、monthly、annual etc),Intelligent quality control data analysis .

Statistical Analysis

With massive cancer data in multiple modalities on our platform, we can use data mining to organize these clinical data into ready-to-access category and format, massively reducing the workload of doctors.



  • Automatic Contouring
  • Complete Workflow Coverage
  • Paperless Department

Seamlessly connecting with RT-Viewer-contour and RT-TPS.

The system serves the entire process of radiotherapy treatment, assisting doctors’ to manage their workflow more conveniently.

Doctors can handle all the work in the treatment process online, and the hospital can reduce paper usage by 60% every year.