About LinkingMed

LinkingMed, located in the Science and Technology Park of Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, is an artificial intelligence enterprise focused in the field of radiotherapy. Based on artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology, the company provides AI-based OAR auto-contouring, target auto-contouring, treatment auto-planning, quality auto-controlling and other technical tools and cloud services for hospital radiotherapy departments and third-party imaging and radiotherapy centers. Based on cloud service platform, LinkingMed also provides professional remote collaboration and radiotherapy operation network services for the radiotherapy doctors and physicists.


  • 11

    Linkingmed Aicontour system successfully provide technology-support to The standardized radiotherapy training course for lung cancer!
  • 10

    "5G radiotherapy cloud platform" officially set up in Neijiang cancer hospital!
  • 08

    "Intelligent radiotherapy cloud platform" was successfully selected into the 5G Medical and Health Application Pilot Project of the Ministry of industry and information technology to further promote the development of remote radiotherapy!
    Linkingmed Aicontour workstation located in the Affiliated Hospital of Jianghan University.
  • 06

    First in the West China! Linkingmed joined hands with Sichuan cancer hospital and China Mobile Sichuan company to realize 5G remote radiotherapy.
  • 05

    Linkingmed RAIC·OIS helps Guiqian International Hospital build "Oriental Mayo" radiotherapy center!
  • 04

    Linkingmed and Ping An Intelligent Medical Dr.Askbob jointly launched "AI based precision radiotherapy" to benefit tumor patients!
  • 12

    Linkingmedwill work with Sichuan cancer hospital to build Radiotherapy cloud platform based 5G technology.
    Dr. Zhang Hua, CEO of Linkingmed, was invited to participate CRTOG Meeting .
  • 11

    Linkingmed co-published the latest scientific research achievement "3D coding method using classification model to optimize segmentation for head and neck organ at risk".
  • 10

    Linkingmed was selected as the top 10 in the field of artificial intelligence in Zhongguancun frontier competition!
    Linkingmed won the bid of OIS project of the Radiotherapy Department of Zhejiang hospital.
    Linkingmed won the champion of the 8th overseas talent entrepreneurship competition track X (Anti-epidemic Entrepreneurship)!
  • 09

    LinkingMed helped Sichuan Cancer Hospital carrying out "Radiotherapy: 25 Live Online Lectures", radiating 495 hospitals in China.
  • 08

    LinkingMed cooperated with Army Characteristic Hospital Center in scientific research project to build a domestic cancer precise radiotherapy research platform with Western characteristics.
  • 05

    LinkingMed won the honor of "Top 5 of 2019 Medical AI Enterprises" and "Top 10 of 2020 Chinabang Awards of Intelligent Medical”.
    LinkingMed Aicontour helps Fujian Cancer Hospital reaching up intelligent and standardized radiotherapy.
  • 04

    Again! LinkingMed produced medical achievements, and the paper was included by European radiology.
    Big news again on Intelligent radiotherapy for cervical cancer! LinkingMed supports Sichuan Cancer Hospital to obtain an important R & D projects in Chengdu.
    "Cervical Cancer Intelligent TPS" is officially launched, which is led by LinkingMed and as a key research and development project of Beijing Science and Technology Commission.
  • 01

    LinkingMed formally contracted to build the information management system of Radiotherapy Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University.
    LinkingMed provides full technical support for CSTRO's public welfare online Q&A activities which is called“共同战"疫",放疗制胜”.
  • 12

    LinkingMed ranks in the top 100 of China's Rising Star, showing its core technical strength.
    LinkingMed has been ranked in the top 50 Medical AI Enterprises in China for three consecutive times.
    LinkingMed’s AiTeam settled in Chenzhou Cancer Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Technology Research and Development Center.
    LinkingMed’s Aicontour settled in standardized training base of Shandong Cancer Hospital.
  • 08

    Dr. Ryan Zhang linkingmed CEO ,the first "Zhang Shoucheng Scholarship" winner, to explore the mysteries of science.
    LinkingMed intelligent cloud delineation system RT-Viewer-contour has obtained the registration certificate of NMPA three class medical devices, officially launching the commercialization.
  • 07

    LinkingMed show 2019 meeting of west china society, set up "artificial intelligence demonstration hall" to foresee the disruptive innovation brought by radiotherapy AI.
  • 05

    LinkingMed intelligent radiotherapy cloud lands in the 2019 Beijing trade fair and appears in the theme exhibition "into the ZOL AI space station", lead the visitors into "future life".
  • 04

    LinkingMed intelligent radiotherapy cloud was awarded [China medical innovation competition · artificial intelligence & 'health AI· beautiful 50' press conference] Third prize in AI group.
  • 02

    LinkingMed CEO Dr. Ryan Zhang was selected into the fourth batch of national "Ten Tousand Talent Program" hi-tech venture leading talent.
  • 11

    LinkingMed Satellite will launch the latest version of the Connected Smart Radiation Cloud 3.0 version.
  • 09

    LinkingMed joined the Philips Global AI Accelerator.
  • 08

    LinkingMed won the Grand Champion of NBI Awards.
  • 07

    Linkingmed’s cooperation departments reached 30.
  • 06

    LinkingMed ranks among Xtecher's “Top Ten Most Valuable” Wisdom Medical List,
    using AI to promote cancer treatment.
  • 05

    Compplete A-round financing with 50 million.
    LinkingMed First Partner Conference.
  • 04

    LinkingMed signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the “One Belt, One Road” Cancer MDT Collaboration Group.
  • 12

    LinkingMed won the "2017 Most IN Digital Medical Solution - Top 10 in the Field of Intelligent Medical
    Big Data" award.
    LinkingMed was listed on the “Top 50 Best Innovative Companies in 2017” released by FASTCOMPANY.
    LinkingMed and the People's Liberation Army Navy General Hospital built the strongest model of scientific
    research collaboration.
  • 11

    LinkingMed released the “Linkingmed Intelligence Radiotherapy Cloud” platform.
  • 10

    LinkingMed and Harvard Medical School have reached a strategic cooperation in medical AI core algorithms and
    clinical practice.
  • 09

    LinkingMed is listed on the list of "2017 Innovation Pioneer Top 20".
  • 07

    LinkingMed and the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    jointly built a tumor big data laboratory.
  • 03

    LinkingMed was awarded the “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise”.
  • 02

    The RAIC·OIS was officially launched.
  • 01

    LinkingMed X Microsoft Accelerator Demo Day:
    Core Technologies, Link the future, comprehensive AI solution entering cancer treatment.
  • 08

    Entered the Microsoft Venture Capital Accelerator and the angel investment reached 12 million RMB.
  • 03

    The company was established and entered the Tsinghua University Science Park Enlightenment Star Incubator.


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